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***Poll Watch***

A new poll for France Soir taken by Ifop gives DSK a substantial lead in the race to be the Socialist Candidate for 2012 taken on 24/25 Feb. DSK – 40% (-4) Martine Aubry – 17% (-7) Ségolène Royal – … Continue reading

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The Vague Socialists

France Today brings us news of  Martine Aubry’s somewhat alarming slip of the tongue last weekend. Observers will suspect that this slip is a pretty good summation of the Socialist Party and its leader. DSK must be rubbing his hands in glee.

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François Hollande, the Tortoise

Reuters are reporting that François Hollande is treking round France under the pretext of the upcoming Cantonal Elections in order to establish himself as a slow burning candidiate for 2012. He already has a poll lead over Sarzkozy in a … Continue reading

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More trouble on its way for Sarkozy?

On March 20th the French will be going to the polls in the Cantonal Elections , which decide who runs the départements. In all likelihood the UMP will take a pasting but it will be hard for the Left to excede … Continue reading

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The DSK bandwagon rolls on.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn continues to be the big news in France as pressure grows for him to declare his intentions for 2012. The former Socialist Finance Minister (1997-1999) and current head of the IMF leads the polls when it comes to … Continue reading

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