More on THAT poll

The French media is having fifty fits over the poll at the weekend that gave Marine Le Pen a lead in the 1st round of Presidential voting a welcome bit of sanity is provided by Melissa Bounoua writing in the Guardian,

Yes, we love polls. We now have about 18 pollsters (we only had four a few years ago) churning out no fewer than 20 polls a week. We are Europe’s champions of polls, according to a French deputy that belittled the one on Sunday. They have become actual news in an outlandish political landscape that feels more and more like a cheap sci-fi movie. Le Pen is, after all, the only one who has officially announced she is running for president.

Polls can indeed say anything and its contrary. Let’s go back to 2002’s presidential election. Jean-Marie Le Pen, Marine’s father, faced Jacques Chirac in an unprecedented second round. Eighty per cent of French citizens went to the streets and voted against the far-right candidate. Chirac was re-elected president. This fear of extremism reunited the country but failed to teach us a lesson: that no poll actually predicted what happened.”

Read the full article here


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