All change at the top.

So Alliot-Marie has been ditched and the controversial Alain Juppé  has taken her place at the Foreign Office and his place at defense has gone to president of the UMP group in the Senate Gérard Longuet. The difference between the two being that Longuet was found not guilty in his corruption trial Juppe on the other hand was found very much guilty.

So what does this all mean for Sarkozy?  The inclusion of Juppe and Longuet hardly helps to cleanse the public image of the UMP.  By appointing Claude Guéant to the Ministry of the Interior, his former Chief of Staff from the good old days when he himself was Interior Minister, Sarkozy has not distanced himself from his own cabal , how different to the early days of his presidency when he was confident enough to include figures like Bernard Kouchner in the government.

The polls will tell us whether this enforced reshuffle will help the fading hyper-president.


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