The DSK bandwagon rolls on.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn continues to be the big news in France as pressure grows for him to declare his intentions for 2012. The former Socialist Finance Minister (1997-1999) and current head of the IMF leads the polls when it comes to becoming the PS candidate and has a huge margin over Sarkozy in a theoretical second round run off. He has kept his cards close to his chest refusing for many months to rule himself in or out of the 2012 election. The challenge he poses to Sarkozy is based on experience, a calm manner and being seen as solid in comparison to Sarkozy’s reputation as the hyper president. DSK, as he is known in the media, is making all the running at the moment. However the danger for any front runner is that once they declare their interest in the prize the media turns and starts to dig.

Furthermore Having been comprehensively beaten by Ségolène Royal  in the Socialist Party Primaries for the 2007 election can DSK prove he has learnt the lessons of that defeat and appeal to his party’s base?


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