Islam and the UMP

Are the UMP getting desperate? what other explanation can there be for Party Secretary Jean-François Copé attempting to kick-start a debate into ‘the compatibility of other cultures with French Republican secular law’ a statement clearly aimed at Islam.

Not surprisingly Marine Le Pen has declared that the debate will be useful in the National Front’s ambition to score 25% at the polls in 2012.  Do French politicians of the right really want to drag themselves down to the level of Le Pen, Geert Wilders, The Swedish Democrats or the UK’s very own BNP? Or is Copé simply trying to position himself for the world post-Sarkozy?


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2 Responses to Islam and the UMP

  1. I would like to know more about who is behind Politics France.

    Whether it’s a TV channel, a radio station or a newspaper the audience gets to know the names of those who speak, where they come from and who they are.
    Who are you?
    An (American? British?) expat based in Paris ? A local ? A journalist? A man off the street? What are your political orientations ? What are your sources ? What newspapers do you read, what TV news do you watch, what radio station do you listen to? Are the views you express just your own or do they represent a party’s voice? Where do you stand?

    We know that objectivity is a lure so it’s only fair that you tell your readers a little more about yourself 🙂
    It won’t make your blog less interesting to read, it will just make it more transparent.

    • Hi Nathalie!

      In the early stages I was hoping to keep the blog (and me) fairly low key so it can develop a bit before hopefully gathering a bit of momentum before 2012. But I take your point about needing a little more information, so here goes:
      My name is Tristan and I live & work in Birmingham, UK. This blog has a few purposes namely to keep my French up todate, to educate a few Brits and Yanks (whose knowledge of French Politics is virtually nill even amongst political hacks)
      but mainly it gives me a chance to debate and discuss a subject I’m interested in.
      My masters degree was focussed on France’s role in North Africa but my professional life has taken me down a more domestic UK root.

      As for my politics, I am left of centre but I hope that this blog will be fairly fact based, lots on polling, election stats and news links. A bit dry I know but hopefully will become a bit of a forum for debate, with maybe a few outside contributions if I can rustle them up!

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